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How can counselling help?

Life can be very challenging at times and it can be difficult to make sense of what is happening. Feelings of despair and anxiety causing you to feel out of control and unsure where to turn and what to do about it but knowing you can't carry on as you are and something is going to have to change.

Therapy gives you the opportunity to explore and gain a better insight into what's really going on for you. To start and see things more clearly, from a different perspective can give you hope that change is possible. To identify patterns of learned behaviour, where it comes from, how it affects you and how you can change it gives you choices for a different path forward.

Through the counselling process my clients have been helped to:

  • consider aspects of their lives they want to change
  • view their situation from a different perspective
  • gain insight into their behaviour, thoughts and feelings
  • find their own solutions to their problems
  • develop coping strategies
  • make informed decisions
  • create positive changes
  • take control over their lives
  • grow and develop.

Having a safe space where we feel we can talk to someone who is non-judgemental, supportive and empathic can be the first step to change.

Building trusting relationships

The foundations for building a trusting relationship with my clients are:
  • provide a safe and supportive setting
  • respect the client's principles and coping resources
  • refrain from being judgemental
  • avoid stereotyping or labelling
  • shelve personal prejudices
  • respect client confidentiality
  • maintain impartiality, integrity and reliability.

Counsellors help clients look at what is possible, but they avoid telling clients what to do. That would be the counsellor taking control rather than the client gaining control.

I have worked extensively with grief and bereavement, which includes complicated grief, sudden death, RTA, suicide but also have experience of working with stress, anxiety, relationships, low self-esteem, OCD,ME, Still birth, PTSD, sexual orientation, depression, alcohol misuse, life direction and self identity.
I have worked with clients both long and short term at a pace to suit the client and their individual needs.

Client Testimonials:

"Learning to understand the reasons behind my actions and working to change patterns and be more aware of my behaviour ".

"Focusing on myself, self-reflection and learning to love and be good to myself. The service was above what I expected and all my needs were met".

"The sessions have made a positive difference to my life, concentrating on the fact I am worthy. The tools I have been given are now letting me move forward and enjoy life. I cannot thank you enough Lorna, your help has made a massive difference. I know I still have work to do but have never felt so positive and content before. I have learned so much, thank you".

"Lorna was easy to talk to and was invaluable in helping me to come to terms with my childhood issues and understand why I did and felt the things I did. Counselling is wonderful and should be a part of everyone's life in order to achieve a healthy well-being. Many thanks ".

"Learning about how to self-reflect and understand situations from another angle. It was also good to talk without being judged. Being given the tools to help myself".

"To have the opportunity to explore my feelings and thoughts without judgement. Thank you for helping me to wade through the grey!".

"Lorna helped me pick apart the issues that caused me a lot of anxiety in my life over many years and helped me see them from a new perspective. Things that never made sense and I use to dwell on now seem clearer. Lorna was a very warm, friendly and understanding person and the sessions I had with Lorna were most beneficial".

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